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We demand the immediate return of Ariadne Methymnaia to her parents!





In Tuesday, August 3rd 2010, Ariadne Methymnaia Augustos aged 4 years and 4 months was stolen by social workers, who violated home sanctuary of Augustos family and without any reasons, court orders, papers or any concrete fact but merely claiming obscure "concern" and "anonymous allegations".

Perseia Hekate, mother of Ariadne, is a well known astrologer, a researcher of astrology of hellenistic and pre-hellenistic period and a specialist on the field. She has presented her pioneer work on tv twice, in the program of mathematician and publisher E. Spandagos (twice awarded from mathematical society for his work on ancient hellenic mathematics).

She has been contacted by universities, Brown (US) being among them, counsels on the development of astrological software suitable for hellenistic astrology and has created an Astrological Library collecting and publishing all important works of hellenistic and pre-hellenistic period astrology.

She is fluent in alexandrean period hellenic language and is a chief supporter of Hellenic Polytonic writing movement. She put up the first polytonic Joomla! website in hellenic-speaking internet, and the first polytonic phpBB forum, becoming the first to demonstrate that there are no technical obstacles in polytonic writing in computer and internet age - a main reason why most greek speaking admins had to oblidge to monontonic.

In addition Ariadne Methymnaia has an excellent record of development, according to her kindergarten tests. In the age of 3 she was found to have an advanced mental state estimated around the age of 5. Also diagnosed with unusually well developed physical skills (such as balance, hand use etc.) and with an extremely healthy personality: according to her kindergarten teacher she is very self confident for her age, very strong willed and very decisive.

This is due to her parents, who dedicated a great amount of time to the personal development of little Aria. She was gradually introduced to music, poetry, dance, painting and photography, and also extra care was given to her language development. Today, Aria is a fluent bilingual with excellent use of speech and can read and write a little, in both languages and can also count very well and recognize simple maths (addition) and geometry (has been introduced to the basic shapes and solids). She also showed an early interest to photography and has been using her mother's camera since age 3 (and still hasn't broken it!). Her photos show her world from a child's perspective angle... and they're beautiful.

A professional visual artist once commented that several of them are as good as any of his university's students - only they have to try too hard to get such shots.

None of the above were ever taken into account, however social bimbos took into account the allegations of two female bimbos in the neighbourhood, whose children are in a bad condition and who have been doing nothing in their lives but slanderous and evil gossip - the kind of retard bimbos who simply had children in order to get benefit money and not work, raping children souls. Nothing was checked for accuracy, or consistency with the facts of Augustos family life.

Augustos family comes from Lesbos, Greece and has the usual customs of mediterranean ways of living and socializing. Although educated and bon viveurs, they have been extensively slandered in what seemed to be an organized attempt of presenting them as something they are not.

Social bimbo workers have been harassing Augustos family since June of 2009, and although Augustos family has proved several times the obvious, harassing did not cease. In March of 2010 Hekate Perseia was diagnosed with skin melanoma in her left arm and was operated in TYKS university hospital of Turku in the end of April. In the end of March Hekate Perseia planted 3 cannabis plants in her house, for private medical use. Under Finnish law, a person can have up to 6 plants for strictly personal use and this is only a minor felony punishable only by a small fine.

Her medical condition was not known to any of the neighbours or the slanderous bimbos but had been known to the anti-social worker bimbos. Furthermore cannabis is not an addictive substance, nor it has ever been connected with parental ability. There are millions of people who occasionally use cannabis and it is a well established fact that it is unconnected to any parental problems.

In addition, neither the neighbourhood whores or the anti-social pimps called the police in order for them to handle the matter. Police could have been notified, could have issued a proper and legal entrance and search warrant, could have taken Perseia Hekate to police station for the typical procedures but her husband who is unrelated would have still been at home with their daughter.

Anti-social bimbos did not follow the legal procedure, instead they went way out of their jurisdiction demanding that the police enters and searh Augustos family house without any papers, in a direct violation of EU Home Sanctuary Laws. In addition they did not contact Perseia Hekate or investigated in the situation. They hid all data related to her, in order for Perseia Hekate to be informed of the supposed allegations and take legal action against them. In short they have been in direct violation of EU Data Protection Act, stashing up unconfirmed and anonymous allegations without making these known to the person concerned, in order for these to be faced with proper legal ways.

It is clear that anti-social bimbos had been looking for any excuse in order to steal Ariadne Methymnaia, and that they developed this paranoic desire based on slanderous allegations which they never seeked to confirm either with Perseia Hekate or with kindergarten data. Furthermore they were ignorant of the life style of Augustos family and of the advanced education and breeding they gave to their daughter. They were also ignorant of mediterranean culture and are hateful and biased against it and also against the values and ways of Hellenic Religion.

Perseia Hekate is a priestess in her native religion and politically active the last 9 years for religous freedom in Greece. She has been cooperating with many polytheist societies and organizations, both inside and outside of Greece, she has written several treatises on political and religious freedom and she is a well respected member of intellectual writer and publlisher circle of Athens and a prominent member of athenian society.





Ariadne is still kept in a place away from her parents. Her parents visit her daily, have brought several of her clothes and toys there and have been doing their best to continue Aria's education schedule which was brutally and illegally interrupted. Her musical organs and her toy horse and her painting tools have been transferred temporarily there, and with the use of a laptop her parents are still able to offer her a few hours of music. Ariadne is very accustomed to music, particularly classical but also other composers like Theodorakis, and likes to sleep hearing beautiful music.

She is also used to a lot of outside play, and to regular visits at the baths. She loves water and swimming, and her parents have been taking her to spa baths since a very little age. All these have been brutally interrupted and Aria is already angry and frustrated. She thought her parents would take her back immediately and cannot understand why she is there. Every single day she asks her parents "Have you come to take me home?" and every single day she waits to hear yes. She cries and shouts that she wants to go home.

This has been a serious psychological trauma for her. Help us to remove her as soon as it is possible from this environment and back to the proper care of her parents, before it is too late and before this wound harms her psychological world to a non-repairable state.

You can't let down a child...

This racist and xenophobic and hatred attack against our Mediterranean culture is unprecedented! By 1st September we must all be ready and raise a huge outcry against the illegal kidnap and illegal keeping of this Hellen child, by foreigners of partially asiatic origin (as usually is the case with many Finnish inhabitants).

She belongs to Mediterranean race and not to mongoloid. Yet, they FORCE her to speak a foreign language and FORCE foreign habits upon her and foreign FOOD, which is highly unhealthy, by our mediterranean standards - as you all know our cuisine is one of the healthiest. RAISE A HUGE OUTCRY, THIS MUST NOT GO UNPUNISHED!

We waited and watched for the first days, to get the facts. It's all part of an organized attempt to steal the child. It is a whole network of them, females all, with militant feminist stalinist beliefs. They work together and cover up for each other. They have stolen in the last 3 years a multitude of children from fi...nnish families, usually single parent. Then they see that the children are raised in robot style - they pass them on to foster families while checking upon them and keeping those families under a very tight leash, for a long time.

We realised now everything going on in this situation. They actually try to steal the child and take it to another family. Why? Because she's charismatic. And they want to grab her. To take her away from Hellas. From her language, culture and nationality. To brainwash her and make her one of their own. That's the plan. And seriously I have never encountered such sickness, such paranoia and such hybris in my life.

On Hellenes! Let's show those mongoloids that they cannot lay their dirty retard hands on a Hellas Child! Let's show those hybrists that we punish every single hybrist who makes the mistake to envy and grab one of our Own. Our Culture Reigns! They are nothing, have nothing, can do nothing about it.












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